1899 Letter From Neill W. Ray to Sister-In-Law
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges   May 28, 2008

Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Fayetterville, N.C.                                                         Jan'y 12, 1899

Dear Sister-In-Law,
	Yours with remittance for rents was received. After adding up all receipts for rents during the past year, the 
account not withstanding all the untoward circumstances does not look so bad. It figures up more than 6% and if
Cobb can be brought to them it will be still better.  W.S.P.'s acceptance paid for his room up to Nov 1st (10 months), 
and for Nov and Dec rent he was to make improvements by putting in new window lights, repairing plastering, and this
had nothing to do with Cobb, who owed from January 10th,'98 at $2 per month. What is prospect with him? Now that W.S.P
has gone, and Herald office if Cobb leaves too the income will be small, but I think you did right in refusing to rent 
the property for a barroom. I'll agree to whatever you may decide as the proper thing to be done.
	Has Frank gotten any estimate on improvements on a new building? He was to see W. Watters as to lines near Cemetery
and Gus Avery - has anything been done there? Ask him and also whether H. Watters has been summoned in Fair Ground Suit, 
and if so, what sort of answers he has filed.
	I see by Herald that they are to have many sales on Feby 6th. Are there to be all bonafide sales, or only to close
up mortgages and trusts? For instance, is the W. H. Pearson house to be sold, or is the sale only for purpose of closing 
up mortgages, etc, and does he, or they, intend to buy it in? Of course I am only asking out of curiosity, and that I could 
want you to make any inquiries in regard to it.
	Who is the "Morgantonian" in Herald, and what does all that mean? Laura is curious to know what caused it, 
and who they are. 
	We are all well, but weather today is the most disagreeable we have had this winter, and I never start out, that 
Laura does not beg me to be careful and not take cold.
	We hear from Wilhelmina at Charlotte and every time I think of her, I wish she was here with us. Hoping that all are
well and with love from all of us. 
										Yours truly
  										N.W. Ray

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