Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 14, 2008

My dear Mrs. Tate,
	I have not been reading the papers lately, and did not learn until a few days ago 
of the death of your son.
	It is impossible to say what I would love to say to you. Words, and especially written 
words, so feebly express our thoughts. But I want you to know that I am thinking of you all 
in your sorrow and that you have mine and Mr. Spiers' sympathy. Mama too, wishes me to say 
that her sad experiences make it possible for her to know what you suffer, and she offers 
her sympathy.  I need not point you to the Master for comfort, you have already sought and 
found Him, and but for His love and mercy could never have borne the heavier hours you have 
already had.
	Give my love to each member of the family. I wish I could be there and tell you how much 
I do feel for you and how I have thought of you since I heard. 
			With my love, Margaret Waddell Spiers, 
			Selma, NC
May 12, 1902

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