Letter 43c
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 11, 2008

					Charlotte, NC					
					Aug 16, 1902

My own dear Laura,
	I am at last finding a moment to tell you my heart has gone out to you and all the stricken 
household many times a day, and at night on my knees, since this last and heaviest sorrow has 
overwhelmed you. But, oh, dear Laura when I think of Miss Jennie's home and it's desolation I 
feel humbled to the dust with my own little more space. The constant effort to make it by mourning 
its occupants whenever others come in has been wearing me out for a long time. This year has brought 
to us many changes, and will bring separation, and it tries my courage to keep cheerful as they keep 
going out from the little nest.              
	I remember the summer my dear mother died and I felt so desolate, so at a loss for something to 
do. My husband and children did not seem to need me at all, so much had she absorbed my time and thoughts. 
I had a friend to die suddenly and leave a helpless infant and another small child and for a month my 
ability to help and comfort the father and these helpless ones proved my greatest consolation, one for 
which I have always been grateful. 
	I do pray for this same comfort for you my dear friend. You loved your sister so truly and have always 
been so close to her children, it seems your mission to take her place to them. Surely you can sooth and 
comfort their lives, and they will fill your own.
	Give my dearest love to the girls. Tell dear Sue that I do not expect a reply to my letter. I am sure 
none of her friends do. Poor child, what she must have gone through, and away from home. You are all so 
much upon my heart now. I wish to be near you in all this darkness. 
		I love you always, Connie Myers Jones.

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