Letter 42
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 01, 2008

                                      Fayetteville, NC
				      Jan. 13, 1898

Dear Gordon,
	I was very glad to get your letter about the fancy dress party and I should have written to you before, 
but have not done so. Aunt Jennie got here this evening and of course we did not expect her. Mother was writing 
one of her sketches to her and when I said that Aunt Jennie was out at the door she though I was fooling her. I 
was so glad she came, but wish she had brought you and she said she would have brought you if she had been certain 
she was coming. 
	How is Wilson? When you write to him give him my love, and ask him which he likes best, gold mining or going 
to school? Has Whilemina come home yet? If she has, ask her is she wants to make any more pistol cases. I wish I 
was up in Morganton at Christmas time. It was very cold here three or four days ago, and yesterday all the trees 
were covered with ice, and when it thawed you know it made the ground very wet so I could not go to school, and 
also it has been a drizzling rain all day. Have you all had any snow yet? We have not had any. How is Claude? I 
hope she is well. Tell her I am a thousand times oblige to her for the match safe. Give my love to Aleck, Frank 
and all the girls. Write me soon. 
				 				Your Affect. Cousin

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