Morganton, N.C.  
March 29th, 1878

Very Dear Captain,

I've wound up the music box and am all ready to enjoy a tete a tete with you. Johnnie is at "Glen Alpine" with an English gardener having his grounds laid off. Will is at Cam's, so I'm "monarch of all survey."

Yours of the 24th was received on Wednesday and I find it my greatest pleasure to waft you a speedy message in return. I'm glad you went out to the wedding and more so when it gave you pleasure. I won't have any fuss or confusion around me, or white gloves either ha! ha! I do trust I won't feel nervous and frightened for I do it with the full consent of my heart, and yet we lift the vail of the future and enter a new life "for better or worse." There is no neutral ground between man and wife. I love you and am willing to trust you forever. Grievous indeed must be the burden of those who do not love. As to the route I leave all that to you. I don't want to stop over in Salisbury if it can be avoided (without inconvenience to you). I may give you my reason some time in the future. I do wish the trains would run through. Why we could go to New York in three days.

No the Dr. knows nothing (at least from me) of the disposal of my heart. I've been worried about it for I like the man and it will look unkind (after the way some of my family have treated him) but I dident know what to say, so just wrote him a polite letter telling him I always liked and respected him and hoped to continue this friendly relationship.

Have the ring just the just the size of the other. It's none too large for my finger now. We are having lovely weather. I hope it may continue till after the 17th. I may go up to "St. Bernard" next week for a few days. The "gentle Flo" don't think now that she can be ready to come here till Sep. Oh! dear me, dear me, what strange fancies men take. Now what if Miss Anna would think the same of Neill's fancy? But my dear you must not let them think anything till they know me. I love you and intend by Gods help to do right. My letters are for your eyes alone. Sam Tate Jr. got his leg cut real badly a few days ago. He has been confined to bed but is better tonight. Clande would have some message for "Capin" if she knew I was writing you. Write me whenever it's convenient. Your letters give me pleasure. What is our friend Maj. McRae doing now? Our people are talking of running Maj. Avery for Judge. Good night. L.T.P.

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