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Phone 163
Estate of Frank Coxe
Francis S. Coxe  -  Tench C. Coxe
No 20 Battery Park Place
Opposite Post Office
Asheville, N.C.

June 8th 1907

My Dear Miss Tate-
I got your letter this morning and am awfully sorry Maude is not so well.  I hope she is better-
I enclose a telegram that came for her Thursday night. I had it forwarded to her care of Miss Tate.  
I could not (pg-2) make the operator understand the first name over the telephone-  I guess though 
she got it all right.  Hoping to take you for a ride in the auto when it is working properly before 
very long, and with kind regards.  I am most sincerely- Tench C Coxe

Enclosed Telegram:
The Western Union Telegraph Company
Post Deposit June 5, 1907
To:  Miss Maude Coxe
B.P. Hotel Asheville
Go to the Raleigh Hotel,  Will meet
you at noon, Ans if convient.
Eleanor Lane

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