Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 15, 2008

				Wednesday Night
				6 July 1899
				10 P.M. Baltimore
Dear Sue,
	We got in this evening about 8 o'clock and I am just out of the bath tub and  I feel so 
refreshed and knowing that I will not have time to write tomorrow I concluded to scratch a 
line on this paper. I found two letters from you on my arrival this p.m. - glad to hear you 
were all getting on so well, but disappointed that you said nothing about the case in your 
Friday's letter. You did not even mention whether Judge Burwell came. I will not fret over 
it as I can do nothing but pray God to make me submissive to whatever He may see fit to send
to me. 
	Oh Sue, after seeing Niagra, no one could doubt the power of God, nor lose sight of the 
insignificances of man, but I will not attempt to describe one's feelings on beholding Niagra. 
Uncle Neill is a good traveler. You would be surprised how he can get about, but he saves him-
self by riding whenever he can. We have accomplished wonders - everything has fit in so nicely. 
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and half of Thursday afternoon in Washington. Thursday afternoon 
went to Gettysburg, stayed there Friday, and came down here that evening; spent the night here 
Saturday, went to Niagra via Lehigh Valley and passed through the loveliest country you can 
imagine - nature and man vying with each other. We got there about 12 o'clock and slept well. 
Had a peep Sunday morning at the Falls, then went to church and drove all around the American 
side Sunday afternoon, but for going to church I could never have told that it was Sunday. 
Monday we took in the Canadian side. Tuesday the glorious 4th, We left [Niagra Falls] and went 
over the lake to Toronto - elegant boats and a beautiful city. We traveled all night and got to 
Philadelphia at 9 o'clock this morning and stayed till 6 o'clock this evening. Went to the Art 
Gallery, Public building, Wannamaker's, Independence Square, rode down Broad, Church and Walnut 
Streets; lunched at Wannamakers, and over here by 8 o'clock, and I admit I was quite done up, but 
after my bath I feel all right, and will be ready for a tramp through stores tomorrow. I don't 
know their plans and of course feel a delicacy in asking. Uncle Neill is the best man I know of. 
He is a Job. God bless you all and be with us till we meet again. Love to each one of you. 
				 Affec, Mama

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