Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     September 23, 2008

Miss Sue V. Tate
c/o Mrs. N. W. Ray
Green Street
Fayetteville, NC			
									Monday. Mar 26, 1923
Dear Sue,
Irene and Ophie got off just about church time yesterday morning and Mary Mills is here most days. 
Was much packed in a buggy as they were, it looked to me as though they had enough to last through 
a month. 

I do hope you will get home Wednesday as Ed has decided to go to Pinehurst on Thursday. He has to 
be back here Saturday afternoon and of course we will have to allow for delays.  So be sure and 
come if possible. I hope you have not lost my samples. 

We had a good crowd last Sunday morning, but not many last night. I asked Annie Leslie to go with 
me and much to my surprise she did. I mean last night. I went to the P. O. and got your letters to 
Irene before they left. Old man Ike would not ride with Frank to foot of mountains.  He preferred 
his daughter-in-law. 
								With love for you and Lala, 
								Affectionately, Wilhelmina

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