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Miss Sue V. Tate
c/o Mrs. N. W. Ray
Green Street
Fayetteville, NC			
							Box 327
							Morganton, NC
							March 19, 1923
Dear Sue,

I heard Wilhelmina talking to Ben Hunt over the phone. Ben is leaving in the morning for Jacksonville. 
She has picked a nice time to go as it has turned very cold today. This a.m. was very pleasant but it 
is now several degrees below freezing.
The Auxiliary met here this afternoon. I guess W. will write you a full account of the meeting. I will 
say this much and that is Pat was present. I built a fire in the furnace at noon on account of the meeting 
and I certainly am glad as it feels good tonight.

Kate Lynn told me about the nice letter you wrote to her. She told me to write to you and give you her love. 
However, that is not the reason I am writing.

I was down town tonight and saw Morton. He told me he was rooming at Broad Oaks. I thought he was with the 
State. Poor fellow I don't guess there is any hopes for him. I saw another one of our noted young men in 
town today. *Nealson Falls.

Frank and Pat** were with us for supper Sunday night. We all went to church. We had quite a number of Methodists. 
***Laura Claywell added very much to the choir. ****Louise Starrett sang a solo. I thought she did very well. Miss 
Arrowood sat in the congregation.

*****Mr. Hipps was in town today. He told me that Mandy was very sick Friday night. He seemed to think Irene and 
******Miss Carter are good doctors. Irene and Miss C. did not come home last Saturday. They will come for this coming 
week-end. Last time it rained so hard they did not get back until Monday. I noticed in today's paper where Capt. 
N. M. Patton has been cited for bravery etc., in the World War.

There is no news of interest. I hope Lala is improving. Give her my love. I wrote to her a few days ago. Please 
remember me to Albert the next time you see him.

I have had Wilhelmina's company two evenings besides the time she had Mary Mills here for supper. 
									With love from us all, 
									Affectionately, Gordon

*The 1920 Census of Burke County, Morganton shows Neilson Falls 27, and his widowed mother Lucy W. Falls 68.
**Martha Evelyn Thomason "Pattie" of Spartanburg, SC is Frank's wife
***The 1920 Census of Burke County, Morganton Township shows Robert T. Claywell 56, Laura Claywell 23; Sarah 24, William N. 26;
****The 1920 Census of Burke County shows Louise Starrett 16, Randall M. 14, and John M 8 with their widowed mother Mary P. Starrett 43.
*****The 1920 Census of Upper Fork, Burke County, NC shows Eddy Hipps, 43 and his wife Mandy 44 years.
******The 1920 Census of Burke County, Morganton shows Ophelia (Ophie) Carter b. 1883 living with her sister Carrie A. Carter b 1882

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