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48 Granville Rd
Myers Park
Charlotte, NC
March 17, 1923

Miss S. Tate
Care Mrs. N. W. Ray
North Green St.
Fayetteville, NC			
My dear Sue,

I was grateful for your letter, it lifted a load from my mind for I was full of apprehension 
and dread much worse than the trouble which has been for years bad enough, fearful suffering, 
bravely borne. For Luraney's death has been a great shock, and especially to Alice and Henry who 
bore her in close affection. It has brought into my household a new anxiety for Alice takes on 
so much and Henry has never recovered from the long strain of Mary's illness and death. They had 
planned a little trip to Charleston to see the azaleas bloom, and I am urging them to go. They 
both need the quiet which we never get at home. My brother Jack has been ill again, but is better.

Marie has been in the hospital had quite a serious time with tonsils and I am trying to push 
*Hamilton into the same trouble, he has needed it so long. He always comes to me when his house 
is closed.

Bessie is in Raleigh for a long visit to her mother's who has now two homes, I suspect Raleigh 
will claim her, most and longest. Bessie had sent her baggage to the station when a phone announced 
the sudden death of her Uncle Locke. They have lately come here to live. She is practically alone. 
A sister is here just now. 

I thought I would not make time for a letter, yet here are two cards. Send me a line when I may 
expect you. Don't mind about space; I have a little sewing room which will welcome you, if you 
object to me as a room mate.  It is always ready for the kids, the small bed may … you. My dearest 
love to Laura, will write to her soon.  She must come to see me before the weather gets hot. 
					Your loving friend, 
					Connie M. Jones

*Hamilton Chamberlain Jones, Atty. b. NC Sep 28, 1884 - Aug 10, 1957. Bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Charlotte, NC; s/o Hamilton C. Jones
& Connie Myers Jones; h/o Bessie Erwin (b. Jul 11, 1891, Burlington, NC) Children: William E. Jones, b. 1920; Elizabeth S. Jones, b. 1923;
Alice M. b. 1927. The 1910 Census of Mecklenburg County, NC shows Cyrus Lee Hunter, 56; Mary Pickett, wife, 58; William M. Hunter, son,
27; Connie M. Jones 59, sister-in-law, 59, wid; Hamilton C., nephew 25; & William M., nephew 18, all in same household.
Source: Census Recs, NC Death Certificate. Bridges

Wednesday aft:

I've been thinking about you a lot, but have had either a mild case of "dire flues" or a very 
deep cold and was unable to write. Am much better today and up, but no good as usual. I do hope 
Mrs. Ray is over the worst and most of the pain and discomfort from the operation gone. Hope I'll 
hear from you again on this afternoon train. 

Robert Jr. still out of school, but may let him go to some classes tomorrow. Our preacher is 
better and busy, busy all the time. His letter today was very bright not with standing the fact 
that he hadn't been to sleep a minute Sunday night.  Took twenty two members into his church on 
Sunday, and ten made professions of faith after Sunday night's sermon. 

Be sure and let me know when to meet you, and stay over with us as long as you can, 'cause we 
all love you.

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