Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     October 13, 2008

Thursday, March 22, 1923
Dear Sue:

Your card written Tuesday came this morning. Sorry to hear Lala had a bad night. It was awfully 
cold here Monday afternoon and Monday night was the coldest night of the winter. I think all the 
peaches are killed. You have heard the 'Ann' news by now. I am more disgusted than ever. I can't 
write you as it will take too many words.

Bess Hunt went to Fla. Tuesday. Ed and his party to N.Y. Tuesday night Sarah Vernon decided at the 
last minute to go. Miss Kate spent yesterday with Nan. Mary G. and Bettie are staying with Nan 
while … is away. The Chaffees are going to Asheville to meet the McIntyres at Grove Park. 

This afternoon a boy from Brookwood was in yesterday afternoon. I was not here when he came and 
of course Laura did not know John. He was… …  in town and thought he would stop by and … … … …. 
He did not bring a note or message from Irene so Perhaps she did not know he was coming. 

Margaret Davis is sick in bed with tonsillitis. Irene will be in tomorrow. You had better get a 
hat in Fayetteville. 
				With love for you and Lala, Affectionately Wilhelmina

Laura said the only difference between Gordon and Frank was intelligence. Frank did not have any. 
Of course she had no idea what the word meant. It was just a big word.

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