Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     September 20, 2008

The First Presbyterian Church
John A. MacLean, Jr., Pastor
Morganton, NC

My dear Miss Sue,

I have purposely delayed my reply to your letter in order that I might give full 
consideration to all that you said.

First of all, I want to remind you that this is God's work, and He will direct it. I 
don't think that He will let the church suffer, but that He will overrule everything 
so as to bless it.

I am convinced that I am not the type of man for the Morganton church. I have given to 
it my very best (poor as that may be) for three years.

This is not a case of the "ninety and nine." The Morganton church is no lost sheep. Its 
membership includes some of the best Christian people I have ever known. For a century 
it has had fine advantages. The field is certain to be able to procure the services of 
another pastor, whom I confidently expect to do more effective work than I have done. I 
am a "round peg in a square hole," or vice versa. Besides, there are three reasons why 
I am very sure that it is wise for me to leave here. If you have confidence in me, you 
will just have to accept my judgment about this.

I can never express my appreciation of all your kindness to me personally, or of your 
faithful and efficient support of me, as pastor. I never expect to find anywhere a more 
loyal or capable friend and supporter. I love you very dearly and always will. I confidently 
expect to return to Morganton, and hope that our friendly intercourse will continue through 
the years.

You are far too fine a Christian to let up in your work for our dear Master and His little 
ones. He needs you and relies on you. This is an excellent opportunity to show the public 
how good a Christian you really are. 
						With warmest affection,
							Sincerely your friend
								John A. MacLean

"The Manse"
Sept 12th, 1922

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