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My very dear Friend;
	I know that you will not value this book less because I have read and loved it.  It has become a part of me and it is because 
I love it that I pass it on to you. As you have worked hard and faithfully and well in the Master's Vineyard during the past year, 
I think you should find much happiness in the thought of what you (Pg 2) have done.  Many a life has been brightened by your unselfish 
labor. And no one knows how many souls you have led to the Water.  The one who induces another to stand up and accept Christ is usually 
verily reaping the fruit, when another sowed the seed.  And you have sowed many seeds.
	I love you devotedly, and shall always wish for and pray for your happiness.
				John A. McLean
"The Manse"
Dec 24, 1921

No envelope with this letter; thought to be to Sue Tate

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