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 To Sue and Irene Tate,  Morganton, NC
						    Monday afternoon
				                    24 November, 1920

Dear Friends O Mine, 

It's raining, I'm in bed where I've been for ten days and this afternoon I have an almost overwhelming 
longing to see both of you; to have you come and tell me about yourselves, my boy, and everybody in Morganton 
that I'm interested in. I think of you many times every day, but I've treated you just so badly as I feared 
I would. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop writing at all. Am now having to grasp my pencil 
between my fourth and little fingers, but, I've been really better in lots of ways. Was up all the time 
my brother was at home and since then no, but caved in about ten days ago and am still down, but I hope not 
quot;outquot;.  I haven't told John this bother. 

Miss Katie has been a just boon to us and I don't know what we would have done without her. She expects to 
go home for Christmas, but cotton picking will be over then, and I think Susie will be back. Many men are 
leaving cotton in the fields as it is costing more than ever to gather and isn't bringing anything like what 
the fertilizer costs. You can imagine the state of the finances in this part of the country. 

We've had a beautiful fall and John has written me of those beautiful mountain skies and the sunsets, and 
the air that almost goes to ones head it is so exhilarating. I thought he was looking fine when he was at 
home. The ladies of our church gave the men a banquet last spring, and Thanksgiving Day the men are to return 
the favor with a barbecue dinner out of doors. Hope the weather will be as beautiful as it has been until today.

Miss Sue, don't think I've forgotten about the daisies. I decided it might be best to wait until spring to 
transplant them. Pat is founder of his blocks you sent him than any toy he has and delights himself with spelling 
out words. He is really developing into about a genius with figures. R. Jr. is already looking forward to and 
talking about going to Morganton next summer. I know you miss Elizabeth, give her my love when you write her. 

Yesterday was Dr. Hill's birthday. Eighty nine.  At the close of his morning service when he was presented with 
eight nine dollars, they told me that his acknowledgement was so beautiful, and declare that there wasn't a dry 
eye in the church.

					         Wednesday Afternoon
I began this day before yesterday, company came in, yesterday I couldn't write and now I will just have to 
finish it up with "I love you both", and tomorrow will be a sweeter and "thankfuller"day because you are my 
friends.         			Devotedly Yours, 
							Bessie B. MacLean

Had a real brief card from Angus Jr. Muse today

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