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This letter is written on stationery from: The American YMCA 
Also stamped: "On Active Service With The American Expeditionary Force"  Feb 9, 1919

Dear Sue:
	Your letter of Jany 12th also one from Wilhelmina dated the 21st arrived today & both enjoyed very much.  I am sorry the "Flu" 
is so bad, but am glad you all have escaped.  I must say there is quite a difference in climatic conditions with us.  The ground has been 
covered with snow for the past week & I don't think I have felt it so cold.
	Some of the boys are off on leave & they are lucky.  I have had mine had a fine time.  I sent you some cards & pictures from Nimes which 
will give you an idea of some of Southern France.  It was very sightful there.  The French proper were unusually cordial & did not try and 
hold us up like they do here.
	It was too bad about the man in (Pg.2) the paper.  I will let you know when we start.  I won't believe we are going until we start, as I 
have heard we were going so many times.  I hope it will not be much longer.  I hear some talk that makes me think we will move some time soon.
	I enjoyed the letter from Plato.  I have not been near him. I found most of the places on the map.  I will send you a map as this will 
probably show more of the small towns than any you can get at home.
	I am glad Rus Green has gotten back.  Bess Hinton wrote me Sprague  [Sprague Silver] was in Germany & expect to be there some time.  I 
have now located Mort but doubt if I could see him.  It is a hard matter to get a pass for more than 24 hours.
	(Pg.3) Yrs, Wilhelmina's letters are about the only ones I have been receiving, & for a while I never got any from her.  What is 
	Sprague's rank?
	I saw several transports at Marseille & thought how nice it would be to get on one & go west.  Has Miss May Murphy returned to the States.  
The Red Cross certainly has done grand work over here.  All the boys have a good word for the Red Cross workers here & at home, but oh you " __ ".
I am glad W. has gone to NY & know she will have a good time.  I thought N-- (??) liked NY & would be sorry when his time was up.  I guess 
Morganton will seem tame to Mr. & Mrs. A. after living in NY for some time.
	I guess the Chaffers will have a fine time.  Is "Mattie" paying all of his attentions to the lady at the school?  I guess it must be 
lonesome on King St.
	I thought Frank would go to Va. Xmas.  Tell him U.S.A. is the best place to find one.  How is "Pretty May"?  Tell her I thought the 
"Flu" might get Will by the time I returned.
	I will close for this time as it is a little cool here.  I am very well & hope to see you soon.  With lots of love to all

Cpl. Charles G. Tate

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