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"On Active Service With The American Expeditionary Force"    March 5, 1919 Nimes, France 
;This letter is written on stationery from: The American YMCA (Logo) Hand written: St. Bliu(?), France   Also stamped:

My Dear Sue;
	Your letter of Janry 29th has been received and very much enjoyed.  I am glad Frank heard from Mr. Erwin, as you know were are all subject 
to a letter flattery.  I received a letter from him today.  I suspect he has a good time learning the "Prayer Book".  You know that is one of 
his greatest pleasures. 
	I was sorry to hear that Miss Carter lost her home. We had a fire over here some time ago & I wish you could have seen the fire department.  
I will not attempt to describe it.  The American soldiers put the fire out.
	It will not be necessary for you to watch for movements of the 81st as we will be here until (pg 2) July and I don't know how much longer.  
I hope we will return some time in July or August.  After I found out we would be here some time I applied to attend the A.E.F. College at 
Beaune.  I understand only men from this Reg. will be allowed to go, & some officers are among the numbers.  We may go to Germany.  I had 
rather go there than to attend the school.  I wish you would ask Mr. Erwin what town Morton is in & I will try to see him.  Will Miss Smith 
be in Tours very long? I think I can get a pass to Tours.  But don't care to go there unless I can see her. 
	Cousin Claudia Pearson wrote me Sam Ervin was in a hospital (pg 3) at Angers.  I would like to see him but we are several hundred miles 
apart.  I wrote him a few days ago telling him all the news, as he has not heard from home since last summer.
	Here is no news of special interest.  I think climatic conditions are some better, as it has not been raining all day, only showers for 
the past week.
	Tell Wilhelmina Lt. Bowen/Brown (?) has been made a Capt.   I see him almost every day, but I have not spoken to him.  You know army and 
civilian life is quite different.
	There is lots of flying today.  A great many are flying by low which attracts our attention.  I wish you could have seen the aviator I saw 
a few days ago.  He must have been in a good humor, as he constantly pulled off some fine stunts.
	I am glad Wilson & Bros. Are both well.  I will close for this time.  Don't stop writing as I will be here for some time.  
With lots of love for you all.
	Cpl. Charles Gordon Tate
	   Battery "F" 316 FA

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