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"On Active Service With The American Expeditionary Force"    Feby. 2, 1919
Nimes, France    This letter is written on stationery from: The American YMCA (Logo) Also stamped: 

	Your letter was received just be- for I left St. Bliu (?) I certainly was glad to hear from you & hope you will write again soon.
I have had a fine trip to spend a day in Di Jon and several hours in Marseilles on my way here.  Nimes has a population of about 80,000 
but is quite different from our American city of the same size.  It is a good place to rest, and that is what most of our boys want.  We 
sleep as late as we like & feel like as was back in civilian life.  The weather has been very good & you don't know how glad one is to get 
out of mud and see sun shine.  I have had several interesting trips out from here.  I sent some cards & pictures to Sue which will give you 
an idea of some things I have seen.  I will write you as soon as I return to my Battery telling you all about my trip.  I will start back 
tomorrow.  I guess my next trip will be to the one every one is longing for.
I am glad you have a nice crowd at the school.  There are lots of gay ones over here.  I will close for this time as I want to go to the 
"Y" Auditorium.

Cpl. Charles Gordon Tate
Battery "F" 316  F.A.

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