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This letter is written on stationery from: The American YMCA - Also stamped: 
"On Active Service With The American Expeditionary Force"

September 13, 1918

My Dear Irene
Your letter of Aug. 3rd received this morning.  I of course was glad to hear that Wilhelmina was improving.  
I guess she has returned home by this time. We have been having a cold rain here for the past few days, but 
it has not gotten mudy here like you all have had.  I know you are enjoying the new Buick.  We have beautiful 
roads, but I have not ridden over any of them.  I think I have walked from one end to the other of all of them.  
A pack on my back feels natural.  I sometimes think I am a camel.

It is hard to realize that I am in France.  I feel like I was at Valdese, as this country is so much like home.  
It is much colder here than we ever have it.
I would like to have been with Frank at the Valdese meeting.  I use to think Don's three words were the best in 
the English language but I like the first part of the missive better now, as we have been living very poor.  I 
some times think it is not worth while to stand in the rain for what you get, but a cup of coffee braces one up.

I am glad you and Elizabeth had such a nice trip to Asheville.  The "Y" at this little village is managed by two 
young ladies, one is from Mississippi.  I think I will see if she knows Corrine.
We had a beautiful trip over and I was not sea sick.  I think I would have made a better sailor than a soldier, but 
I will do best where I am.  We get good reports from the front just about the same as you all do.
Tell Elizabeth I have seen lots of pretty "Provosts" and they are doing all kinds of work.  We boys keep them with 
many of their tasks. 

It is not so bad over here when you look on the bright side of everything & think how much worse it could be.  We 
have a local talent show every Friday night and they are very good.  We have had several ball games but it is most 
too cold now.  We have one scheduled for Sunday but I don't think the weather will be favorable. 

Who was the boy Wilhelmina wanted me to see.  There are lots of nice boys in our Battery. Well I will close for this 
time.  With much love for you all and Lala.

Private Charles Gordon Tate
Battery "F" 316 FA
American Expeditionary Force France

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