Transcribed and contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     September 14, 2011

Letter head:
Eagle Hotel
Bethlehem, PA.
Charles Duffy Prop.
Karl Kemble, Prop.

Monday morning.
This letter is for Miss Wilhelmina, Miss Nannie, Miss Addie and Mrs. Chafee and Mrs. Hollingsworth (if they care to read it)!
I will send it to Jinny as she loves to be on the go - so I will give her something to make her "go some"!

Well- we arrived on Friday evening- Sister & Pauline met us in Philadelphia, & we spent the day together- leaving the city 
at five o'clock. Claudia Cameron and Miss Dorothy Cox left us at Washington- Fred wished to take Cam all the way!

When we arrived here at the Eagle Hotel, I found a letter from Dr. Cope (he is taking care of Charles) saying if I left Fred 
here- It would be perfectly safe to visit Charles.  I took his letter asked Dr. Straub's opinion - he said go - so I (Pg-2) 
went in the 1:25 P.M. car. Charles did not expect to see me, after he saw Dr. Blum & spoke to him, he saw me.  His face I will 
never forget-  O He is so thin so pale, but the smile with happiness made him beautiful.  It made my heart ache to see him so 
thin- I never closed my eyes Saturday night or last night-I thought of him -  how much he needs mothering - That my heart is 
nearly breaking to give him- but he is so brave such a little man- he never complained- I was even cheerful.  Charles & his 
nurse are the only ones in the Isolation Ward, it is a separate house,  The nurse is very kind & pleasant, says Charles is so 
good so willing anxious to do only what is best for him. When I told him I could not come up on Sunday, as Aunt Carrie & Pauline 
were going to sing with the Emergency Choir at a funeral- but that I would come today- he said "All right, Mama, (Pg-3) I will 
not fret, but will watch for you on Monday." He gets out of quarantine on Wednesday, & on Thursday (8th) we go to Nazareth Inn.  
I am afraid he is not strong enough to take chill- but will see Dr. Cope & have him examine Charles carefully then tell Dr. Blum 
what he shall do.  

I wonder what I have done to deserve to suffer mentally as I have since January- I can scarcely control myself when I am with 
Charles- I have not written this way to Mr Kissler- so please don't tell him.  He will only worry-  The suffering can be no 
greater than it is, even if I bear it alone.

Fred is so anxious to see Charles, I think he can be with us quite a while after we go to Nazareth.  
All my love to you all- but it is from an aching heart.   Write soon,
Devotedly Ernestine

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