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September 7,  1911
Dear Wilhelmina
Excuse paper but this is all I have left.
I am writing to tell you, I will be in Baltimore Tuesday morning the 12th.  I do not know if you got the veil from your 
old friend, if not let me send it to you, & the trimming also for your dress, if you still want that.  I will be delighted 
to do anything I can for you- I am enclosing some cards, please give them to your Aunt at Fayetteville  (pg-2) and thank 
her kindly for her gracious kindness-
Remember if you go to New York, you must stop by and see me-
Lovingly Yours-
Cora Laird
The Albany, 6 E. Centre St.

The card reads:
Mrs. E.C. Laird
Shopping Agent  No charges
The Albany
6 East Centre Street

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