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This letter was typewritten on:
J.E. O'Brien & Co.
Importers, Interior Decorators and Furnishers.
1634 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia    February 26, 1908

Mrs W? Tate,
Morganton, North Carolina.

Dear Madam:-
Miss Coxe has selected a few papers, and has asked me to send them to you.  We have sent two papers, one with a 
pink rose crown, and the other with a small red rose.  The Side wall paper of the pink rose crown is 25; per piece, 
the crown is 70 per piece, and contains 13 crowns.  The side wall paper of the red rose crown is 35 per piece, 
crown 80 per piece, contains 13 crowns.  The small dot ceiling is 15 per piece.  As Miss Coxe said the ceilings 
are very high would advise bringing down the ceiling on side wall, then using the crown, and then the side wall.  
Also send you other stripes that can be used on the side walls to about 18" of the ceiling.  You could use the 
same inexpensive ceiling with these papers.
All these papers are in stock, and we can supply same at once, should they prove satisfactory, if none of the papers 
are satisfactory to you will gladly send others.
140 yards Wall 18" wide
60"   "    Ceiling 18" wide
Very truly yours,
J.E. O'Brien Co

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