Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     September 11, 2011

Arther Morris, The Henrietta, Plume Street, Norfolk, Va. 
Dress Makers' Supplies. Silk Linings A Specialty.
Importer of Laces, Silks and Oriental Designs in Trimmings.

June 3-1908
Dear Miss ----------
In reply to your letter of recent date will state with your material our lining & trimming can make your 
gown for $50 which is the summer price  in the season we get $75 for the same gown - Should you decide can 
go to work on it right away (pg 2) You could send us a lining that fits you well and your measurements, & 
we can go by that - Trusting to be favored with your order
Yours very truly
Arther Morris, 
P.S. Kindly write your name over distinctly

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