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			Durham, NC
			May 6, 1907

My dearest Sue,
	I have been thinking of you and the dear sweet girls almost every day, trying to write 
to you, and them. And when you see I am going to write you a big letter (you think so from 
the size of this sheet I know.) So to our plans for the summer, they are still indefinite, 
and there are several wishes to be considered.
	Sudie writes that she wishes the girls to go to see her just as soon as their school 
classes, which will be about the 1st of June, [are over]. She thinks she will come in July 
or August to go to the Jamestown Exposition.
	Rob will come later. I wish to go when it suits all parties, and the weather not too hot. 
Now I know you and the girls wish to go, so make your arrangements, regardless of us for you 
may find it pleasant to join a pleasant party from Morganton sometime. Do not think of any 
trouble or preparations for us, for yours lovely home is ready and sweet at anytime. The girls, 
Annie and Emily say they wish to go to Aunt Sudie's and Cousin Sue's too, and ride that pony 
will be such a delight. I know they will enjoy their freedom for their school, is so confining 
both while there and at home, having so many studies. 
	Brother Rob writes from Texas that he is contemplating a visit to N.C. this summer and asks 
me to meet him there in Morganton which I wrote him I would do. He stated no time for his visit. 
He is now 80 years old, and I fear the trip will be too much for him, and he may give it up. So 
you see, expecting thee at different times perhaps, I cannot say, when I can slip away to see your 
dear household and the dear grand old mountains, and all the other nice five hundred friends. When 
I hear again from them something definite, I will write.
	I hope you all have gotten through the cold late spring so far safely and pleasantly. We have 
had much rainy disagreeable weather and welcome a sunshiny day with great joy, flocking out like 
birds to enjoy it.
	Annie is in Wilmington spending a day or two. [She] will return tomorrow to our great joy. We 
miss her greatly when she goes away. We, the "Daughters "C" are very much interested now in preparing 
for Memorial Day. We now have several veterans' graves in the cemetery; the first year there has been 
any number. It is a sad duty, but one which we owe them.
	Tell Wilhelmina that I received and enjoyed her letter from 'Green Rivers' very much, and would 
have replied there, but thought perhaps she might leave there soon and return home. And how is sweet 
little Irene? Give much love to them both, and to Frank. 
	How is the big hotel for summer getting on? We are building a new church and recently it is 
progressing nicely, after some 'drawbacks' Our 'Juniors'  had an entertainment recently, and your 
friend Miss Sallie Rigsbee was leading lady, and just did splendidly. I am going to see her. She was 
so much at ease, ready for each part and graceful and not at a loss even between scenes. It was Mrs. 
Faraleys 'Wax Works'. They took in $10.00.
	Now dear Sue write me soon and send me a message from all the family. And see Cousin Claude, and 
give her much love from me, and divide with Cousin Cam. They are a model couple, and it does me good 
to see how happy they are.
	Love to Cousin Emma & Mary, and Cousin Katie if there, also to Mary Collett and hers, and Cousin 
Matilda. She was so sweet to me. Darling goodbyes, with a kiss and a prayer for all.  
				Your loving Cousin Julia.

Mrs. Cain*
901 Mangum St
Durham, NC

*Her death certificate shows Mrs. Cain was Julia Elizabeth Tate (June 3, 1844, Cherokee Co., NC - Aug 15, 1917, Wake Co., NC of old age.
Julia E. was d/o Dr. Tate of Cherokee Co., NC, mother unknown. Informant, J. S. Manning of 715 N. Blount St. Raleigh, NC. Julia E. was the
widow of Dr. James Cain (Sep 1828 - c 1900). Married 1855. Children: Mary b 1856; James b. 1858; Bessie b. 1860; Sterling b. 1862; Julia
Cain b. 1864 (who wrote letter, w/o J. S. Manning); Susan b. 1866 and Annie Cain b. 1868. This family was enumerated in Orange Co., Little
River, NC during 1870-1880 Census.

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