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Envelope addressed:
Rutherford N.C. % Miss Coxe

R.H. Speight, Jr., M.D.
Rocky Mount,
North Carolina
Office Hours.
8 TO 9 A.M.
2 TO 3 P.M.

April 2nd 1907.

Dear Miss Wilhelmina
Your letter was rec'd the day before yesterday & the telegram came last night.  When does Miss Coxe want to 
begin her farming operations?  It is too late to begin now to make a crop this year & expect she has already 
rented out her land hasn't she?  If she doesn't want me to come at once I will leave the affairs open for next 
year think it quite likely that would take the place though of course would not make a positive agreement this 
far ahead.  In my opinion she will not be justified in (Pg-2) paying as large a salary as  she offers for a 
manager- In fact don't believe she would make much more if that much on the farm until it is put in a better 
state of cultivation-  However it is hers & she probably knows what she wants done & how & if it is not for me 
to question that part of it. I couldn't possibly arrange to get off for a few months yet so it will be out of 
the question for me to accept the place for this year- Please write me again about the matter, what she has done 
& will do etc- 

(Pg-3)Had about given up the idea of hearing from you again when your letter came.  You didn't say how long you 
would be at Green River but am going to direct this to you there in hope it will reach you before you leave.  Am 
going to try to come up to Morganton before very long to talk the matter over with you-  Hope you will write again 
soon. With best wishes-
Very sincerely yours
R.H. Speight Jr

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