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Las Esperanzas  Coale [sic: *Coahuila]
Sept 18, 1907
Dear Miss Tate
Your letter has lain un-answered for many days and I must ask your pardon for seeming neglect of it- We are extremely busy down 
here and the days glide rapidly by but I am (pg-2) glad to be able to interest you in the work or put you in touch with those who 
know of it-

There is no one in charge of this field which belongs to Methodist  Baptists **Campbellites and Presbyterians,  Mexican Ministers 
come occasion-ally to preach to the Mexicans but we send our commissions to the (pg-3 ) different heads located at different points- 
The Presbyterians in which of course I am much interested are located in Saltillo and the Minister who has charge is Rev. T F Wallace
Saltillo, Coale, [sic: *Coahuila] Mex. - he has need of all the help he can get - I am sure that I do not know the authority of the 
others, with the exception of the Campbellites and my brother I fear would think I was too broad minded to recommend them.

We are a band of Americans down here and the field is too small to support any on denomination so we take advantage of any Minister 
who comes along and form a little sunday school which makes its con-tribution towards the different causes as well.  Do not fail to 
get in touch with Rev. Wallace - He is an old veteran I am told and can give you much work- Thank you for writing me- (written up the 
side of page) I must not for-get to say that we have a teacher a woman of whom we hope great things  Yours with much wishes
Sincerely, A??a? W. ?????

*Coahuila is a state located in Northeastern Mexico with a 318 mile stretch bordering the US. 
**A religious reform movement in the early 19th century in the US - The Church of Christ movement.

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