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Miss A. E. Pearson
(in care of) Mss Bettie Pearson
City (Morganton, NC)					
									July 1904

My dear Friend,
	I was wanting to send you a message that I'd look for you Monday to spend the day with 
Mrs. Winston and attend the M. meeting. When Jimmie Wilson came in and told me you had fallen 
from the porch at Mrs. Bettie's and your leg was broken. I was so distressed and phoned to 
D[uncan][Cameron's] and she [Claudia] said your ankle was sprained. I'm so thankful you are 
with Jimmie and Bettie. O, how the dear Lord does work so tenderly with us. May He give you 
strength and grace to bear all you may have to suffer. 
	I'm so disappointed in not having the visit. Mrs. Winston speaks to us of her visit to 
the Holy Land. She was with me yesterday. I'm feeling better but the sun is too hot for me 
to venture out. I'll try to get some of my friends to drive me out. I've been wanting to go 
to see Mrs. McCormick and Bettie. Love to them. You've fallen in good hands. 
	God bless you with His comforting presence is the prayer of your loving friend. 							
									*M. M. Erwin   

Excuse my fingers are not steady.

*This may be Miss Matilda Erwin, 75, single, who in 1900 lived with her sister Mary A. Ervin, 73, 
single, in Morganton (dwelling #220). Annie's brother Duncan C. and his wife Claudia H. Pearson 
lived in same neighborhood in dwelling #229.

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