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This letter is typewriter print and hand signed by Frank. 
The top, top-left, & top-right of the paper are torn.  
The Letterhead on paper is:
Torn--------- secretary.
Torn----------- 1863 and 1853
Globe & Rutgers Fire Insurance C[ompany]
of the City of New York
80 & 82 William Street, New York
Agency at_________

Oct 23rd 1903

Dear Maude:-
	I enclose hereWith two deeds to the timber on the Shiloh lands which you will have to sign. I send two as I want one here and the 
purchasers want want in their own offices. You will have to sign them be-fore a Notary or a Justice of the Peace. There is no one near 
you except Joe Camp and if you object to having anything to do with him you will have to take the deeds to Rutherfordton and sign them 
before some one there. There is a large amount of money involved and I would like you to attend to the matter at once and send the deeds 
back to me here at once.  I got here all right last night about Nine o'clock. We had no trouble with the Auto of any kind-it behaved 
beautifly.I do'nt think our actual running time was more than six hours but we were delayed by meeting fool hourses-and some fool people 
also. The only trouble we had at all was crossing the fords. We had to be pulled through three of them and had some little difficulty about 
starting again. Iwoke up this morning with a very bad head-ache but it has worn off some. I think it was caused by the very rough roads we 
had to go over and I was running the machine most of the way the strain was pretty bad-more than I appreciated at the time. I felt pretty 
sore when I got up this morning but it is wearing off now.Love to all. Give Bill"?????? ????" Whatever she wants.

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