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Clinton, S.C.  Feby 4th 03 (4 Feb 1903)

Dear Miss Wilhelminia:-
I see you are very praiseworthily trying to make amends for your neglect of your Carolina correspondent and real genuine news 
is such a scarce thing with me that within five minutes after receiving your letter I am answering it, in order to encourage 
its coming.  You had no right however to (pg-2) throw a damper on it all by saying at the very first that you would not come 
down & help us at Commencement. We shall be pleased to see you whenever you can come for the day you hope to spend here soon-  
Why not let me know in advance so that I shall not be away from town.

Father probably goes to Cuba & south Florida early next week.  

I like your cool nerve in writing that the biggest fight imaginable is on & then saying you will not tell what it is (pg-3) I 
have telegraphed Mrs Ross.  

Poor old Ruddish, when he saw me and my girl together last Fall he looked a little like you used to when you accidentally saw 
that you had delt you apparent the ace/king of trumps-  Hope he'll make it this time. What a lucky set, those Davises! (?)

I am genuinely sorry to hear about (pg-4) Mr & Mrs Edge/Edger.  Please write me the condition of things- Yes I see the News- Herold.
The big news from Clinton is that my house has begun- the lumber is here & in a few days work will be to begun-

I am hoping to come to Morganton some time about April or early May for a few days.  But I hope to see you in Clinton before 
that time-

Yours Cordially
Thornwell Jacobs

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