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Clinton, S.C. 2/16--03  (16 Feb 1903)

Dear Miss Wilhelmina:-
Whether you are a trump or simply the highest cut I don't know but your letters certainly take the tricks.  I had rather get 
a letter on Saturday afternoon from Miss Tate of Morganton than from a good many other people & only wish you were as interest-
ed in our affairs down here as we are (pg-2) in yours (ours) at Morganton so that I could try to evaluate your scriptures-
Just how I want to ask you as to your performances of work for next year- I can get for you pretty nearly whatever you ask if 
I know it in time 

I had thought of the fifth or sixth grade work and also having you assist me in a multitude of other ways  I am glad that you 
are coming to take up again the work that you are eminently fitted for.  I shall do all (pg-3) in my power to make things 
permanent and believe that the happiest part of your life yet awaits you- & believe it with all my heart-

Both the Observer & the News-Herald are full of the Laxton-Erwin wedding but both put together and quadruped wouldn't (pg-4) 
equal my private account- If it isn't asking too much of your ink bottle couldn't you write me another for next Saturday-
Thornwell Jacobs

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