Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 11, 2008

                                                Monday Morning
						March 31, 1902
						Clinton, SC
My dear Irene,
	As I have a few moments will start you a letter this morning, but will not promise you when I will 
finish it. I am glad you all have decided not to go to Charlston until the better part of the month. I 
cannot tell even now what day I can go, but will let you know in plenty of time. I expect to hear from 
Mrs. T. early this week. Weeta thinks Sude will come here and go with us. She has written urging Sude to 
go to Greenville and Spartanburg Thurs. aft. 
	I had no idea I would be so long in finishing my letter, but I have had my hands full. I have had 
charge of Faith Cottage, and teaching too besides going to college myself. And I am so worn out I don't 
know what to do. Anniversary will soon be here and Dr. Jacobs is worrying the life out of me about that, 
but now about our Charleston trip - As far as I can tell Monday the twenty first will suit me best to go. 
How will that suit you? Are you coming by here? If so, what way will you come? Of course it is needless 
to say I will be more than charmed to have both you and Lizzie and it is alright about your staying at the 
Orphanage, so don't hesitate about accepting my invitation. Now if you don't come be sure and let us know 
where we will join you. We leave there at half past two p.m., and reach Charleston about eight. We reach 
Columbia at half past four and I imagine that is where we will meet you. Mrs. Thackston has not returned 
and I don't know when we will go to Atlanta, perhaps not at all as it is so much for our C. trip. I feel 
sure will come by here from the way she writes.
	Am sorry Cousin Bob P. is not well. I am afraid he won't be there when I come home. 
	You can bring me my shirt waist to Charleston. I won't need it before then. Claude said she thought 
I had rather have a white one. Weeta and Jane are going to take a small trunk with us, and you can bring 
me anything in the way of summer clothes you can. Write me as soon as you can. 
					Hastily, Wilhelmenia

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