Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 1, 2011

May 5th
My Dearest Wilhelmina
	I wish I could go to you instead of writing this letter.  Papa is in bed where he has been for three 
weeks & I cannot leave home.  I can hardly (pg-2) realize Alex's awful death though it haunts me day & night.  
If I only could tell you how sorry I am feeling for you all & how awfully pained I am.  I would go to town 
as soon as I can but know when it will be. (pg-3) I have thought so much of your coming home this summer, 
but how little I imagined it would be like this.  Write to me as soon as you can.  With a heart full of love 
& sympathy.  Ever Affectionately

Refer to the letter: Mary to Wilhelmina [no year] Saturday Nov. 7th for information about Mary. This letter is from the same person. The contents of this letter dates it as 1902
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