Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 08, 2008

				Greenville, Va.
				June 26, 1902
Dear Miss Sue:-
	I have just heard of your sad bereavement and hasten to express my deepest sympathy, 
not only for you but for all of the family. It is quite a shock to me as well and I am 
utterly at lost to express my feelings. I know how hard such trials are to bear and what 
a blessed relief at such a time to learn the Comforter is nigh.
	I sometimes wonder which is harder to bear that or the dreadful mental suffering - two 
cases of which I have had almost constantly before me.
	I know that you will be your mother's mainstay in her hour of grief. Please express my 
deepest sympathy to her.
	I am improving tho slowly and I hope surely,
				Yours as always,

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