Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 13, 2008

				July 30, 1902
				Canaan St., NH
Miss Sue Tate
Morganton, NC

My dearest Sue,
	It was so courageous of you to make the effort to write to me, and I must tell you 
right away how much I appreciate it, and that I feel quite homesick to come back to you. 
I spoke to Father about it but he don't want me to go just yet, and so I shall come as 
soon in Sept. as I possibly can. Maud lands on this side on the sixth, and as soon as 
she gets here we will make arrangements to come home. 
	I know how bewildered you feel. It is so hard to take up our everyday duties and 
assume new ones when those we love best have left us. So much depends upon you, my dear 
friend, and you will have a life full of care and responsibility in molding the character 
of Gordon and keeping harmony among the different members of your family. I know the care 
and tact and self sacrifice that takes, dear one, and now as the older sister how carefully 
you will have to study their different natures, and try and bring out the best in them all. 
So often we fail in our attempts, but then we follow our duty in trying and though at the 
time we seem to fail, good often is the final result. You are brave and strong and true and 
soon they will all be looking to you as an example and coming to you in their perplexities. 
It saddens my days up here to think of you all and your crushing weight of sorrow, and 
especially of Gordon, whose tender youth has been so pitifully saddened, it is always 
pathetic that the young must realize so soon the changes and griefs which come into life. 
	We are having a very quiet summer thus far. My brother and his wife were up to spend 
Sunday with us and were so bright and happy, it is a great pleasure to see them. 
So with love and best wishes for your health and strength I am always your trusted friend, 
				Harriet Camp

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