Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 13, 2008

				                 July 21, 1902
				                 Canaan St., NH
Miss Sue Tate
Morganton, NC

My dearest Sue,
	The saddest duty ever fallen to my lot is to attempt to express to you words of consolation 
at this threefold sorrow which is crushing you.
	I know what it means to miss a mother's love and how the years only add to the realization 
of what she has been to us. We never find another such a friend, and time seems only to strengthen 
the longing for the unselfish love which has passed out of our lives, but the memory of that love 
makes many dark days bright and gives us strength to endure and live so that we may be worthy of 
the angel whose memory we adore.
	How often I long to be at home so that I could come down and put my arms around you in loving 
sympathy. We have always felt close to each other and I hope to be more to you than I ever was 
before as you have more need of me. I pray that God will grant you wisdom and strength to fill 
the responsible place you naturally occupy now, and that the memory of a great, unselfish love 
will bind you, sisters and brothers close to each other all the days of your life. Your friends 
grieve with you in this awful sorrow and among them no one realizes more fully than I the weight 
of the burdens resting upon you. May God comfort and protect you all and grant you health and 
courage to endure.
	Dear little Gordon, how my heart goes out to him in his youth and need of a mother's love.
	              With tender love and sympathy, your friend 
                                 Harriet Camp

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