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Mrs. D. Cameron Pearson
North Carolina			May 05, 1902

My Dear Sister,
	I hoped to see you rather than thus be writing and yet, how well it was you'd be there Saturday 
with poor, poor Jennie!  
	Our Aft Evening News came earlier that usual and each of the girls looked over it and so did I, 
all remarking how dull and devoid of any news. Later, just before going up to bed something lead
me to open that paper again - as I did so there was the 'Special Telegram' giving brief account of 
death of Alex Tate. I w'd not have believed it Jennie's son save for more accurate account in The 
Observer Sunday morning.
	Such a perfectly beautiful day of sunshine and soft cool breezes, flowers in bloom and new life 
astir in others, all ... for a mother's heart to bear such woe. So hard and fruitless and sudden, it 
seemed so unnecessary. Alas, for our short sight. God in his mercy must do all things for the best. I 
spent the day indeed in prayer alone on the lot some hours. I went out among my flowers on the lawn under 
the trees thinking of Jennie, and how sad for you and her daughter to see her so afflicted. It is one of 
those dark mysterious epochs in life we can never understand. I feel sorry for them all and Cam, he is so 
tender hearted. A blow like this is like a thunder bolt from a clear sky. 
	I want to see you very much and hope you may feel the need of a change and run down to see me. Lois 
is busy on her sewing, Ethel is not well, but always engaged and at work on something. She and Claude spent 
part of three days at the Grand Medical Concert at Spartanburg; have been sleeping ever since - enjoyed it 
so intensely 3 afternoons and nights. I was to have gone but am not strong enough yet. My arm has healed 
except a small place that will 'run' and I can only wear a sleeve a short time. Wish you w'd come and spend 
several weeks. 
	Claude is packing and will go to Flat Rock this week. She says Lois and Emily and I manage Annie beautifully, 
and she is a smart child, strong and well. I can be useful! Rob is hurrying C, and there is so 
much to do in this big change and morning, else she w'd go and spend some days with you. Her servants and horses 
have to be sent up and this takes time.
	Ethel and Lois have promised to spend sometime with her, but Wm. Is opposed to it, and also to my going - 
thinks I need diverting and a bright, gay place. My health is undergoing some change, those hot flashes bother me 
more than ever - quiet - Lois is hurrying me. Lovingly Always, A. [Amelia Holt]

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