Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 13, 2008

						Morganton, NC
						June 14, 1902
My dear Wilhelmena,
	I have not kept my promise to write you every week, but really I would just wait for a more convenient 
time and it has never come. We are just through dinner and we are all sitting around in the library talking, 
and Clara in the dinning room hollering to Jim's cook, but I must and will scratch you a line to tell you 
about the Wilson, Bond case. They began it Wednesday morning and the case went to the jury the next Tuesday 
morning. The jury was out till the next day at 2 O'clock in the afternoon. Bob Senith was on the jury and 
just told the rest that he would sit there till his head turned as white as Bymus before he would let the 
old Bond woman eat and dress out that money again - they had spent that money once, and they couldn't get 
it again. Well, after a day and half they came in and declared it all paid, but about $400. They had to 
allow some things to bring over two old Radicals that had some spite at Wilson, but we must remember with 
gratitude that they all allowed every payment your father entered.
	You know Wilson denied that he gave your father authority for putting in the last two payments - he 
explained this to Frank by saying because he knew that the notes were paid with out these entries. I have 
not heard whether the Bonds will appeal to the Supreme Court or not. You had better put a match to this 
letter as soon as you read it.
	Lala* & Don came up Monday night. There was a wreck and they did not get in till 4 O'clock in the morning. 
Lala is very well and just as nice as can be. She brought Claude a beautiful hat, and Irene more loan, 5 cts., 
and me a wrapper and gave me a $10.00 gold piece. 
	I am going to have Howensteen make a picture of Alex from that little picture in the wagon. By the way 
have you the daguerreotype of mine taken with Cameron? I want to have some photos taken from it. Be sure and 
let me know if you know where it is. 	Irene is writing to you and will give you all the town news. I know 
none and have thought of nothing but this suit. I am certainly glad Wilson made as good a showing as he did. 
We heard yesterday that Bob Lee (Alex Engineer) was killed on RR somewhere on the mountain.
	Frank has gone to Harnett County to work for Mr. Erwin** 
						All send love, Affec. Mama
*Jennie's sister Laura Pearson Ray and son Donald.
**Erwin Mills, Erwin, Harnett County, NC

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