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Don't you say or write to Perkins anything, about comp.
I've written Sam Ervin* by this mail.
				        Dunn, NC
					8th Aug 1902
Dear Sue,
	Your letter, enclosing Perkins note, rec'd. We have no assurance what counsel Maj. will 
have and I'm afraid to risk much, besides to fight it out will probably cost us $1000, maybe 
more, and keep us on the ragged edge, and me from work often, so I'm not at all sure that it 
isn't the cheapest thing to do and besides a jury will probably allow them something on the 
settlement case on account of interest.
	There is no counting on what a jury will do. I don't mean I'm afraid they will go back 
on us, but then you can't tell positively, and it will go to the Supreme Court 2 or 3 times, 
and we can better afford to give out interest in Old Fields often than fight it out.
	Ask Lala** for me how soon she could get us $2000 to comp. provided we need it, and answer by 
first mail.
	Why did Jno. Perkins wait until I left to send the note? Did you tell him I was out of 
	town? Love to all 
				Aff. Frank
*Sam Ervin mentioned here is Samuel J. Ervin, b. 1855, Burke Co. Lawyer and father of Senator Sam Ervin (1896-1985)
**Lala is Frank's Aunt Laura Pearson Ray of Fayetteville, his mother's sister.
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