Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     August 16, 2008

			Weaverville, NC
			Aug 2, 1902

My dear Miss Sue,
	Charlee has told me of the terrible sorrow that has come to you so soon after the other two 
great ones, and I must write myself to tell you of my deep sympathy. There were others writing 
from our family before and so I feared it would be rather troublesome to have so many letters 
and I simply sent you my love by them, but now I must write.
	I just cannot tell you how bad I feel for you now when your home is so lonely. You know that 
I can realize in some measure what it must be, for we have so recently lost our dear mother, but 
I do not suppose I can understand at all what it must be coming so soon after the other two sorrows. 
Human words cannot help but I pray our Father to comfort you all as only He can comfort. May He help 
you bear the loneliness.
	Oh, how much you have to be thankful for in the life of your noble mother. I am so glad that I 
could have known her. Her life was a real benediction upon all around her. Aunt Bessie did so much 
enjoy her visit to you last fall. It was so sweet that she and your dear mother could be together 
the last year of their lives.
	Please give my love and deep sympathy to Wilhelmina and Irene and with much to yourself.
	Yours most sincerely, 
		Sudie Hutchison
			Weaverville, NC

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