Letter 38
Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 01, 2008

Fayetteville-Davidson Academy
Jno. S. Simpson Principal Fayetteville, NC

								April 7th, 1902
Beloved Sissie,
	Your letter received and I thank you for your prompt and kind attention to my business. I've so rejoiced 
you are feeling better, do take care of your dear self and don't overdo your strength. Mrs. Harrall is gone 
and her sister Mrs. Wightman has moved in with her mother. She, Mrs. W. is not Mrs. Harrall. Don and I are 
going to Mrs. Campbell's to board. She has rented "Ma Annies's" and takes boarders. We will go over tomorrow.
Can you give me Will Pearson's address? Delia Emma's Will. I want to write to him, now don't forget it please.
	We had Grippe for a month, have a dreadful cough, sounds like poor Jule Shutz. Have you seen the Review and 
Conclusion of Clarke's History? She says the article by Capt. N. W. Ray of the capture of Cemetery Hill are 
of exceptional value.
	I'd a letter from Frank a day or 2 ago. He did not say one word about my interest, my interest on the $3,000 
that I had lent him and was due the 1st of March. I cannot put anymore money on the stores, when Lazarus first 
spoke Frank wrote me that it would cost $1000 or $1200 to do what he wanted. I promised I'd put that much on 
it, and he wanted, and wanted, and wanted, till it run up to $2000. He must stop now. It will take 3 years to 
get my money back.
	How is  Wilson and what is he doing? Am I mistaken in thinking my rent $25 for the Fair Ground is out the last 
of April. I know he paid it in the Fall last year, but it was always in April before. What does he say?
If the sky light is not to be used again, please have it put away in some safe place. I've never paid for it. 
I've asked one dozen times and Frank just would not tell me or send me a bill. I think I've asked twenty times 
for the bill. 
	Donald is writing you. Love to the girls and dear little Gordon. 
I don't feel as I should when you tell me of the misfortune of my brothers. They have treated me so badly that I 
have lost a great deal of feeling, Will was the last one. I gave up, and I did love him, and oh! how much I've 
done for him and his, and just see how he treated me. I don't feel as if any of them except you are any kin to me. 
God bless you. Write me and answer questions please. Tell Sam Sandy Cook is not expected to live. He had Typhoid 
fever this past Summer and it has turned to dropsy and a few days ago he was paralyzed. Fondly, Lala.

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