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The Semi-Weekly Landmark 
Tuesday May 6, 1902

Young Tate killed by a train near Morgonton

Morganton Special, 3d, to Charlotte Observer.

Alexander Tate, a son of the late Col. S. McD. Tate, and Mrs. Jennie S. Tate, was killed by a 
freight train on the Southern Railway, between Connelly Springs and Valdese, at 10 o'clock this 
morning. For several months past Alex. had been flagging on the construction train of Messrs. 
Olive & Co., the railroad contractors who are improving the line of the Southern in this section. 
This morning the young man had orders to flag down a west-bound local freight. He did this, but 
the train did not stop, and as it passed he tried to get on the running board of the engine to 
deliver the order, and making a misstep, was caught under the wheels, and frightfully mangled, 
death resulting instantly.

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