1902 Letter to Jennie from Charlee

Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     July 10, 2008

Mrs. Sam McD. Tate
Morganton, NC
									Charlotte, NC
									March 25, 1902

My dear Miss Jennie:-
	Every day since Sue's sweet and most welcome letter was received I have intended writing, but my good 
intentions have not been carried out. I am truly delighted you were better and hope your improvement has 
been marked each day since writing. You have been in my thoughts constantly; and trust you are now your 
own sweet self again, and able to be out again. I realize what being laid aside means to you my dear, one 
who has always led such a very active and useful life. Do take the best care of yourself and get strong 
and well.
	Papa does not seem very strong these days, has had several indispositions lately - in a day and then out. 
The rest are very well.
	The days are long, yet very full, for I try to keep my hands as well as mind occupied all the time. 
What a privilege it would, if I could run in to see you and pour out my troubles to you - try to think of 
others and as little of self as possible, yet my grief is fresher each day, for my loss is more fully realized. 
	How many sad deaths we have had recently - all have been the dearest of all gifts to a child, loving and 
devoted mothers.
	Birdie B. Carson is up for a short visit. She seems perfectly happy, living that free existence, hunting, 
fishing and out of doors all the time with Dick. It almost amounts to burying oneself down there at Lake Waccamaw. 
I believe she has more adaptability than any one I know.
	Alice Jones and Henry McAden marry in April. She is now in Washington seeing about her trousseau - understand 
it is to be quiet. He has bestowed gifts of every description, flowers from Washington daily. I suppose you have 
seen Beulah since her return. How Jenks and Julian hated to see her depart. Sadie Young Sadler has a fine son, a 
dear sweet little fellow. 
	Hope that this beautiful weather will relieve you and yours of all the pains and aches to which mortal is heir.
	Whenever you can or Sue, will be so delighted to have a letter. Thank dear Sue for her letter and tell her to 
take this on part payment. My best love and many kisses for each and all and a very large portion for y'r dear self. 
					                                   Your devoted Charlee H.  
Mch 24

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