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Letterhead is printed:

Walton & Presnell		W. E. Walton   
Dry Goods,			 R. G. Presnell

Morganton, N.C.,  .......................190___

Morganton, N.C.
Sept. 9th 1901

My dear Wilhelmina:-
	You remember I was to let you know about all the weddings that were to take place in the "city". 
Margaret McK. came to see me last week & told me of her approaching marriage so I feel it my duty 
to tell you even tho you have known it for several months; it is to be very quiet & a home affair, 
she has a blue silk, a green coat suit & six white shirt waists- I guess Irene told that Bess 

(pg-2) Dickson's beau had appeared the second time and if she isn't going to get married she is surely 
trying to have that impression by running around town & making the town poor tired clerks pull out all 
the emb: & lace they have & remarking "I don't care for any today but will be in in a few days & get a 
whole lot. "you see we have bright prospects ahead,  well I believe I have succeeded in selling her $1.50 
worth of print.  Then, too, she has engaged Mrs. Odell to sew for her for two weeks and that is an alarming 
sign for a Greenlee offspring- Irene, Mag, Bess & myself went out to Quaker Meadows 

(pg-3) yesterday aft. to hear the Parson preach, Bro. Johnston came back with us & Irene had as much foolish 
talk to him as you generally have. Cora Wilson took Mr. Jacobs in the Gospel wagon & Will Pearson took Mrs. 
Bridges, Nannie & Bess, going over we crossed the ferry alright but coming back Mr. Jacobs started to lead 
Button in the ferry when Cora jumped out in front of him and scared him so that he began kicking & the only 
way Mr. J saved him self from being thrown in to the river was by letting him lose. Button was'nt satisfied 
with that so ran the whole length of the ferry & plunged his front feet into the river water up to his 

(pg-4) knees. It was really very exciting- Cora & Mr J were to blame for the accident- Mag Parker died last 
night, she has lingered a long time & I was glad when I heard she was dead -  Irene said she told you what 
a pleasant time we had addressing "Burke Presbyterians". The Parson & myself fairly fought.  Irene is going 
to have Bess Dickson & Miss Hale to tea to-night, I suppose the will have "Ginger" with each course - Sept 
10th Irene, Bess & myself have just gotten back from Mag Parkers funeral & it was equal to any minstrel show, 
the preacher told Grant just what he thought of him for running around town with other women & neglecting his 
own wife & that she killed herself working & trying to support the family 

(pg-5) He then ended up by dropping his false teeth, they bounced down on the floor & rolled several feet - 
by that time one of the old sisters had rescued them & he put them in his mouth & proceeded on as if nothing 
had happened - Mrs. Ray came this aft, & saw she & Claude pass - Thursday - Will try to finish my epistle this 
morning - We had an awfully sweet prayer meeting last night, the Parson gave us  a good talk indeed on worldly 
amusements several times & ended with a beautiful prayer-  I went with Bro. Johnston to Prayer meeting, 'nesday 
night & we had a mighty time, he is a fine little man - Yesterday aft. Dr. Jeter had the pleasant job of filling 
a tooth for me, while this was going on I held a reception & stewed grapes.  Mamie Colett 

(pg-6) came in & Dr. Jeter sent over to Anderson's for a great big basket of grapes & in a few minutes Sidney & Mr 
Bob Clay-well came prancing in so we ate grapes, gossiped & had tooth filled until 6 o'clock- Bess is just as she 
was when you left here, I can't notice any change in her condition at all - The D & D girls came back last night, 
of course I haven't seen any of them yet.  I expect it is right warm in S.C. now, it is awfully dry & dusty here & 
the people are all the same way- Irene wants to know if you have even read "Good-bye Sweetheart" Give my love to 
Weeta & Nan & tell them I will write to them in a few days- you be sure to answer my letter right away else you 
will never hear from me again-  Lovingly, Susan Presnell
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