Contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     June 25, 2011

(15 November 1901)
My dear Wilhelmina
Irene is on her way to the depot now with an express bundle for you which contains a skirt, two shirt waists & your hat.  
I put in a tie which per-haps will be a comfort as I dare say neck fixings is still a trouble to you.  The ribbon Irene 
thought would look real pretty with you brown waist.  When they send your blue dress I will try & have you some of those 
little trim overs all the
(pg.-2) girls wear them  I mean away from here.  May Murphy only uses them now.  If you can cut me a pattern so I can make 
you stock like your waist  I think would be nice  They seem to hem them like the waists with the trim overs.  What are you 
wearing on your head every day and do they wear the veils tied around hanging down the back.  Is your old blk. [black] hat 
too shabby- You ask many questions in your letter yesterday but I can't remember then as I write hurriedly to get off in 
this mail  Who wrote you about Miss Dicksons wedding-
(pg-3) Mama says she does hope you will like your hat  it suits your dress exactly & we think it is beautiful-  Will your 
blk. [black] walking hat do for you every day wear-  Do write & let Mama know how you like your things & if they fit -They 
didn't know your waist line so of course you can fix that.  No news I believe - except its awful cold.  Oh yes you asked 
about coat  I got a tonic from *Mr Scroggs which indeed has proved a great great comfort these pass few days-  Sue saw 
**Cora McDowell at the Oyster Supper last night but Sue wont tell much about her as she thinks we are crazy to hear but 
I'm not.  With much love from us all and do let Mama know at once about the bundle.
With much love Devotedly Claude

*Felix M. Scroggs; age 43, married 1897 to Emma T. Scroggs; age 34, enumerated in the 1900 Burke Co., NC census:  listed 
as steward of state hospital.
**Cora N McDowell  age 23; married 1896 to Alfred P. McDowell, enumerated in the 1900 Green River, Henderson Co., NC census.

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