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						Dec 31, 1901

My dear Friend, (Ann Elizabeth McCall Pearson)
	I know you like us are living with the happy days of yore, but they must make us sad, but so thankful 
for so much happiness. How are you this beautiful close of the year? Changes mark all our steps. May you 
my dear friend be strengthened for the New Year, whatever it brings. Don't you rejoice that our God reigns 
and through Jesus He is Father to each one. "Not a fall of a sparrow escapes his notice"; how much more 
everything connected to his people. What a treasury of promises, each one full of comfort. Yes, in trial 
or affliction there's a *"Balm  in Gilead." Don't you find it so? 
	I heard you had been sick. How hard to think of things concerning hopes. That is the work of the Holy 
Spirit. Ask Him and He will show you these things.
	We've had a very quiet Xmas. The A. Chapel Xmas tree passed off fine. I was troubled being without Mrs. 
Anderson's assistance. Isaac Avery made the best talk I ever heard him make. Mrs. Ray sent me 2 dollars and half.
	Mr. Jacobs spent the Holidays with his brothers in Nashville, Tenn. Mr. Johnson was attending his churches 
in the county. I called to see his mother and sister; such nice people. So glad they are going to live here for 
the present. We have felt sad hearing of **Mrs. Pink Chambers  condition, very ill. ***Laura Avery is with her.
	Wish so much we could see something of you. We old people have so much in common. I've not seen Claude in 
a long time. Mr. Wilson is in very poor health. We all feel anxious, he spent Xmas with Louise. Cora went with 
him to Weldon. I see Mr. Cameron out this A. M. He's complaining of his limbs. Sister joins me in deep interest 
in you and praying for you God's richest blessing upon you. May the New Year bring a rich feast of Jesus presence. 
I want to send you some magazines. ****M. M. Erwin 

Please excuse, my fingers are shaky. How is Mrs. Tate? Good wishes to her for the New Year. 

*The "Balm in Gilead" is a reference from the Old Testament, but the lyrics of this spiritual refer to the New Testament concept of salvation through Jesus.
**Justena Chambers (b.1834) wife of Pink Chambers (b. 1821) of Statesville, Iredell County, NC.
***Laura Avery mentioned here may be Laura C. Avery (b.1840) wife of William B. Avery (b.1828) of Quaker Meadow Township, Burke County, NC.
****Likely Matilda M. Erwin (b. 1825) who in 1910 was the next door neighbor of Duncan Cameron Pearson and his wife Claudia in Morganton.

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