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					Reviewing Office of The Southern Presbyterian
					Rev. Thornwell Jacobs, A. M. Reviewing Editor
					Rev. J. Ferdinand Jacobs, Editor-In-Cheif
					Clinton, South Carolina					
					Dec. 23, 1901

My dear Miss Wilhelmena,
	If it were necessary for me to explain why I write this letter, I would say that it is in lieu 
of my actual presence and in order that I may get you to do me a favor. It had been my intention 
to spend Tues. in Clinton, but I received from my Nashville brothers such an earnest invitation 
to be with them instead and booked with such an excellent proposition to affray my travel expenses 
that I accepted the good the gods provided me. I had planned to say a great many things to you which 
I thought would make you enjoy the holiday more and feel the absence from here less, but this being 
impossible I would to write and show you that you are not forgotten.
	The favor is very important to me. I want a picture of Santa Claus and the Mizzes Santa Clause; 
you remember how they came in in my book article "Christmas". I want you to read the chapter and then 
have a flash-light picture taken, showing the scene described in the book. Have two little boys to 
press their faces against the window panes outside. You can do it elegantly, and I want it very badly.  
This is my chance now as it can only be done at Christmas. There is a photographer at the orphanage. 
Charge the bill to me. Have her to take several negatives for one may fail.
	I hope you are enjoying Xmas, and that when I see you again you will be wiser, fatter and better. 
No! You may not go to the ball! I do own you on part. (Quit your laughing!) 
	Anyway, do not forget my Santy photo. It will have to be taken Tuesday night!
					Very Friendly yours,
					Thornwell Jacobs

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