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The postage date is 2 Oct 1901 (Wednesday), although the letter was written on "Tuesday night" which would be 1 Oct 1901
My dear Wilhelmina
	I didn't think as long a time could pass before I'd send you another epistle but I've been as taken up with Mrs Hutchinson 
that I find time for nothing else san her pleasure.  We go out morning & evening and from one end of the town to the other -  
She is perfectly lovely and I never saw such patience in all my life-  As for news I don't know what to write you for you get 
as many letters from here that is if every one
(pg 2)  writes that say they are going to "The Frontier" was singing "your praises to-night and Mrs Anderson & Mrs Heigh (?) 
were there  Mrs A- says she trained you & of course you were good. Don left this morning but Lala is yet with us and will be 
until her ticket is met I believe - I show am glad you are having peace & quiet for we certainly are not.  She is ten times 
worse than last she was before she went up yonder.  We fuss all the time the truth of it all is she is mad about the new bank 
& I suppose
(pg 3) she thinks Mr Ingold might have stayed on my account of course he has nothing to do with it- I guess I have been imprudent 
but I've had to take lots from her-  Sue is sewing thinks perhaps she will go to Charlotte to the meeting of the UDC's  She & 
Mrs Erwin are the delegates- The Book club held it's first meeting this aft at cousin Laura Erwins  Ethel & Emelie Holt came 
Friday on their way from Flat Rock she is the biggest goose I ever saw in my life- Mama had Sue & Aunt Claude with Mrs Inman & 
Miss Painter to tea last night- The Wilson's leave Thursday week for the winter if they don't rent the house will return for a 
week or ten days Christmas- Beulah & Fan McAden are going to Baltimore Washington New York & ect & ect. They expect o leave C 
to-day week.  The bride & groom (Davis) returned today at noon and cards are out "The Missis Davis at Home 6-630 Wednesday "Miss Sue"quot;
(Pg 4) was the only honored member of this house-hold  I couldn't take anything for it-  She was she will not go - Minnie Ellis 
is up home to assist.  I hear she is to wed this fall  Were you not shocked to hear of Mrs. Joe Burgins death  ^ You might to 
write to Annie - Lala had a letter a few days before the telegram telling of her illness so we were not so shocked - You remember 
Douglas Fox  James brother he was found dead in his room Monday night, he had
(pg 5) been drinking I believe- Morganton is real quiet "the school" opened last week I have seen the old teachers impact  Miss 
Bealle & Nan Flemming are down stairs now at a meeting of the Daughters. I shouldn't be surprised if Bess D- did marry this fall 
or winter.  She is very happy over reuniting  we were there this aft & found Mrs Odell serving- They are going to organize a church 
at Bridgewater Sunday morning. Mr Matthews will assist. Do you think (don't say anything about my writing it) Mr Jacobs is coming 
to Clinton to live?  I heard
(Pg 6) that his father's health was as bad that he (Mr Jacobs) thought his duty was to go help him- Do pray don't tell that or write 
it back here for you know how things like that turn out- You know how little I see or have to say to this man & I don't know tho' 
I think he is troubled about something at least I think so; he is one of the few people that ever confide in me- I must say good- 
night I'm an interesting member of the 'Everybodys' & by the time I spend awhile among it's pages the harm will long have been met- 
With much love from each & all of us
Your devoted              Claude  
Tuesday night

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