3rd November 1901 Letter to Wilhelmina from Bess

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Nov 3rd
Monday night
My dearest Wilhelmina
Your charming & affectionate! letter received & I was awfully glad to hear from you again.  My dear if I didn't know you 
so well & love you so much I would naturally be so indignant. I wouldn't ever write or speak (pg-1b) to you again - You just 
presume upon our friendship to give me a "plain cussing" & I don't resent it any more than you have with me in the past 
when I have taken the same liberty with you- Now for my  explanation- Of course not as I expected Thornwell Jacobs has 
(pg-2a) started all this "devilment" & you who know him so well know how he has always delighted in encouraging you - the 
Lord only knows what all he told you to put you in the frame of mind you were in when you wrote me, but you ((pg-2b) are 
evidently under some delusion as to the present state of affairs here.  You must think the first good old days of the 
"Junior Aid" have been revived but I assure you they haven't- I seldom see him & when I do we still fight as fiercely 
as (pg-3a) ever. 

In regard to the $400 that Kate & I together raised for Mr Johnston's Bridgewater Church I didn't write you because it was such 
a long story about our trip up there ect. ect. in regard to it & I knew, or I supposed rather (pg-3b) that Mr Jacobs would tell 
you. You evidently think "our crowd" as you call us "gather together" very much oftener than we do.  We had 
"a party" at Kates at "Loverboy's" suggestion- he invited us all & we surely did have a gay time (pg-4a) & 
wished for you & Weeta.  You - a dog- to talk about our "going over to the enemy"  When you, when ever he goes to C-  
Breakfast, dine & sup with him all the time & talk & sing & walk & pray with him all the time he is there ((pg-64b) Kate nearly 
died laughing over your letter & says tell you she doesn't blame you for thinking us traitors but that she has found the true 
explanation of why we all- you included - forgive him all his sins- She says (pg-5a) she finds we - you & I & herself are 
close kin to him & we forgive him all the time & love him as we do our nearest & dearest kin when they offend & enrage us-   See- !  
That's her explanation of the situation not (pg-5b) mine -  As for Me ever doing any thing for the old M Church - his church 
work-- I'll never as I've told you often before-  My dear as I wrote you in my letter before the last one he is consumed with 
(pg-6a) curiosity as to what you & I write to each other  So I thought you would "catch on" about the divorce business 
& simply worry him to death over it- I thought you would have some fun out of it instead (pg-6b) of arousing his curiosity  
he said you & Weeta were simply standing on your heads to speak over it- not knowing who on earth  I meant-  Tom did get his divorce 
& all on account of Margaret.

(pg-7a)  Mr Johnston is to be installed at Quaker Meadows next Sunday & I think all our congregation are going out- I sure 
think it very strange that *Mrs. Ferd hasn't called on you & Weeta - ** Flo Jacobs (pg-7b) combination are certainly 
incomprehensable to me- They must be "a quare" set- Wilhelmina I haven't of course told Sudie or Irene about your 
letter & you remember they dont know about the feud between (pg-8a) you & I & "Loverboy" - & never get confidential with 
Weeta for goodness salk [sake]- Kate & I are so glad judging from your letter that you are so over joyed that we are coming  
to C- to see you on our way (pg-8b) to C- but we are coming if only to see your beau-  don't let Aunt Pat cut you out 
when she arrives in all her war paint & with her fortune- You know what a weakness that family have for (pg-9a) the almighty 
dollar- why I asked about that girl- Miss Hipp  Irene told me you were constantly writing about her & So I thought you must 
know her very well & yet had never mentioned her in your letters to me  "The Shadow (pg-9b) of the ***Attacoa" is a finished 
subject- it is never mentioned- Please write me a long letter soon- If you could even in part realize the muddle our Church 
affairs are in it would make you (pg-10a) dizzy & long for death or long to be far from here. We had an old time lively 
congregational meeting Sunday & called Mr Jacobs for as a stated supply for an indefinite time & I think he is going to 
(pg-10b) [be] called right away as our Pastor  

With much love for you & Weeta & hoping to hear from you soon  Always fondly yours, Bess

I am writing in bed so pardon this scratch. What on earth are you talking about a thousand dollar scholarship at the Orphanage?  
I heard of it before-
* Thornwell Jacob's brother's name was "Ferdinand"
** Thornwell Jacob's sister's name was "Florence"
***Attacoa - Linville Gorge has as its centerpiece a massive formation called Table Rock.  Named "Attacoa" by the Cherokee....  
[Table Rock was their mystic alter for sacred ceremonies.  Senator Sam Ervin said that Table Rock stood like a "sentinel standing 
guard over Morganton." Quote: William Leslie]

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