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Letter typewritten on Southern Railway logo paper (an arrow through the "SR")
Southern Railway Company.
Office of General Passenger Agent
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D. C
W.A. Turk
General Passenger Agent.
September 7, 1900

Excursion train, Newton, N.C. to Asheville, N.C. and return
August 21, 1900, under the auspices of the "Junior Aid Societ-
Ty" of Morganton, N.C.

Miss Wilhelmina Tate,
	Secretary, Morganton, N.C.
Miss Tate:
	I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter, without date,
which reaches me this morning, and thank you for the kind and comli-
mentary expressions contained therein in reference to the pleasant
sentiment that prevailed among your people in regard to the Southern
Railway and its management.
	I am glad your recent excursion was a success.
	I note your desire to operate an excursion form Asheville to Ral-
eigh and return uon te occasion of the inauguration of the next Gov-
ernor, which ceremonies will probably take place in the early part of
January, 1901.  For your information, I beg to advise that our excur-
sion season terminates in the early part of October, - usually by the
first of October,- and we do not operate chartered train excursions
during the winter season..  Furthermore, the inauguration of the Govern-
or of North Carolina is usually an event of such importance that the
railway companies in the State are asked to make reduced rates for the
general public to Raleigh and return, and it is contrary to rules
of  all transportation companies to make contracts for chartered trains
to a point to which reduced rates are in effect.  Therefore, for the
(pg. 2)
reasons above given, you will readily see it would be impossible to
comply with your request.
	With very kind regards and best wishes for your Association, I
remain, with great respect,
Your obedient servant,


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