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Letter was typewritten on plain paper with handwritten notes/additions.
The envelope return address is labled: Lock Box 99.

Hickory, N.C. Sept. 18th, 1900-
Miss Wilhelmina Tate,
Morganton, N.C.
Dear Miss Tate-:
	Your letter of the 11th written me from Brindletown came
duly to hand and was forwarded to me as I was out of town, but other
business prevented me from replying until my return to day.
	I will enclose this letter to Mr. Ingold and have him drop in post-
office at Morganton or mail to you at Brindletown should you have
returned- I have received following amounts for excursion tickets sold.
Check from Junior Aid-Morganton-			$66.60
Mr. Triplett Canvasser at Lenoir 		  	  00.00
Mr. Todd      """""	4.65
D. H. Warlick  """   Granite Falls		   	 15.75
J. Hunsucker    ""    Conover		   	 22.00
Hudson, Maiden, & Claremont		   	 00.00
Maximum amount for me to make as per contract   $110.00
				Expense…….	  20.00
Sundry items as per bill rendered…….	  17.30
Cash to Rev. Jacobs at train……           3.00
Total gross amount of remittance possible for me to receive   $150.30
Total amound already received… (as per above statement)   …	    109.00

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