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On this the 7th day of Aug. 1900
This contract
it is herby agreed, by and between
the Junior Aid Society of the Progression
of Morganton, N.C. and Geo. E. Haith
cock of Hickory N.C. that the said
Geo. E Haithcock will devote
all of his time from now until
Aug. 21st, 1900, or so much thereof
as may be necessary. In the
interest of an excursion to be
due from Newton N.C. to
Asheville N.C. on Aug 21st 1900
by said society for which he is
to secure all the proceeds
from tickcts sold at all
stations East of and including
Hildebrand, in excess of
(Pg #2)
$275.00 (Two hundred and seventy five
dollars)  Among said stations are
Hickory, Newton,  Conover,  Lenior,  Granite
   It is further agreed that the
hotel and other supportive expenses of said Geo. E
Haithcock are to be paid by said So
ciety  said expenses not to  provided the proceeds
(said expenses not to exceed the sum
of twenty dollars $20.00)  unless total
amount of receipts from the said sta-
tions shall exceed the sum of 
two hundred and ninety five dollars
($295.00).  in case the said 
expenses of said Geo. E. Haithcock
then shall be borne by himself
Signed   Bessie P. Hunt Presnt Jr. Aid S.
	  Wilhelmina Tate Secy & Tr.
              George E Haithcock
W. T. Matthews

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